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Best Games Similar to Just Cause 2

Best Games Similar to Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 was an open-world action-adventure game released in 2010. It was praised for its expansive sandbox world, impressive stunts and destruction, and a wide variety of vehicles and weapons. It was a huge success, selling millions of copies and inspiring a series of sequels. If you’re looking for games like Just Cause 2, here are the top 5:

Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs is an action-adventure game set in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. You play as Wei Shen, an undercover police officer attempting to take down the criminal triads from the inside. You’ll be able to explore the city, engage in hand-to-hand combat, and use a variety of vehicles and weapons to get the job done.

Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third is an open-world action-adventure game similar to Just Cause 2. You take control of the Third Street Saints, a criminal gang that is trying to gain control of the city of Steelport. Exploring the city, performing wild stunts, and utilizing an assortment of firearms and vehicles are all at your disposal to aid you on your mission.


The prototype is an open-world action-adventure game set in New York City. You play Alex Mercer, a shape-shifting anti-hero with superhuman powers. By traveling through the city, you will have the ability to utilize your capabilities to defeat the military, mutants, and other foes.


Set in the fictional city of Pacific City, The Crackdown is an open-world action-adventure game. You play as an Agent of the Agency, a law enforcement organization tasked with taking down the criminal gangs that control the city. You will employ different weapons and vehicles to defeat your opponents, and you can use your extraordinary abilities to carry out incredible feats.

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is an open-world game set in a fictionalized version of Venezuela. You play as a mercenary hired by a rogue private military company to destabilize the country. You’ll be able to explore the country and use an array of weapons and vehicles to take down your enemies.

13 Jan 2023